Cas Haley
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I swear i have done this mailing list before, if not i should have.
Seen you several times, several venues.
will be there at Deep Ellum Art co again, for my bday!

looking forward to the new album!

Cas Haley responded on 04/22/2019

Thanks for signing up !! Stoked to see ya at Deep Ellum Art co ... please spread the word ! See ya soon..


Your music is amazing. What was your inspiration for Feel It Shining Down? My wife and I can't stop listening to it. We have sent it to our 3 grown sons back home in Pittsburgh. We all love it! Thank you!

Cas Haley responded on 01/23/2018

Ed ! Thanks for reaching out... Feel it shining down was written last winter actually , it's about Joy and taking the time to slow down and feel it . I had spent the previous 5 or 6 years hustling and working as much as possible and sort of got caught up in the work and forgot the purpose of what I was doing. Its a celebration of "JoY" and a reminder for myself of what it takes to be present so I can "Feel it shining down "!! Lol...